November 13, 2009

Ten years!

That's how long has been operational. E2 is a place I spend too much time; it's my version of the 'social networking' that has swept the web, but it much predates all that stuff. It may have turned into a niche little tiny backwater of the web, but damn it, it's been up *ten years*. In Web 2.0 years, yet. That's like a gazillion dog years, man.

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November 1, 2009

Energy use in bombs

My bro and I, using far too much time and computers to track our awful math, have worked out that the Average American (using energy consumption numbers from 1995, gack) uses roughly 0.093 kilotonnes of TNT per year, or around 1/160 of a Hiroshima-sized atomic weapon.

By even worse and more likely to be incorrect math, a 15-kt detonation represents the amount of energy that 3000 people would use in the form of food over their lifetimes, assuming 75 yr lifespan and a 2,000 kcal/day diet.


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