August 31, 2010

Sony Bravia and Motorola DCX3400 (Comcast) DVR/Cable box

Visiting my aunt who is recuperating from a medical procedure. I noticed she'd gotten herself a nice Bravia flatscreen...but after dicking around with it for a few minutes, I also noticed that it wasn't displaying HD. Wha? I checked her cable box - it's a Motorola DCX3400 and claims to be displaying HDTV. It's connected to her TV by *both* coax and an HDMI cable, but the TV claims there's only signal on the 'TV' input (coax). Uh?

A few seconds dicking around and I figure out how to get the setup menu on the box (turn it on, then turn it off using the frontpanel power button and within a couple seconds hit the 'MENU' frontpanel button). The menu comes up as the manual describes, but says it's *not* connected via HDMI.

No matter what I do, I can't get it to sync HDMI. The DVD player, plugged into the same port on the TV, comes right up. Finally, after 30 minutes, I acknowledge Geek Fail and call Comcast. After navigating the phone tree, I get a tech who actually seems clueful. He asks what kind of TV. I tell him. He says 'What model number?' Uh-oh. I give it to him. He tappity-tappitys on the knowledge base, and says, "Yep, sorry, I thought so. There are known issues with using certain models of Sony Bravia flat panels with our cable boxes - the HDMI just won't sync."


So if you have a Sony Bravia and are trying to get a Motorola DCX3400 cable box to work properly with it, forget it.

On the plus side, since the cable box will only output 1080i (or maybe 720p) anyway, you can just use component video+RCA stereo and get the same resolution.

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Yeah, this seems to be an widespread 'known issue' and not just with the bravia. Wish the consumer electric folks would get on the same dang bandwagon and agree on some strong standards.

Posted by: Mit at January 9, 2011 8:03 PM

My weekend guest jigged the Motorola cable box control remote which I had sync to the Sony Bravia HD such that I could get by with only one remote control device. I cannot remember how I did that synchronizing magic, what can I do to return the control of the TV to the Motorola wand so that I do not have to play with two tools?


Posted by: Margot at November 11, 2010 10:01 PM

I purchased a Sony Bravia (KDL-40VE5) in 8/09 and originally set it up with component wires.
I was dissatisfied with the picture and found out that I needed HDMI connections to get the very high crisp picture that I wanted.

Bought the HDMI cable and it didn't work! Thought it must be a defective cable. Took it back and got a replacement and low and behold it worked!!!!

Went about a year watching through Comcast's Motorola DCX3400 DVR box.

Then a last Friday (11/5/2010) we went to turn on the set and got "no signal".
We would watch TV just fine directly through the cable but not through the box.
Called Comcast and the 1st evening they remotely reset the DVR box and it worked again after a couple of tries.
Then the next evening the same thing happened. We called, they reset the box a couple of times and it worked.
The 3rd evening the call center rep failed to get the box to reset (I honestly believe she didn't want to mess with it and just wanted to shove it off on a field rep).

So the next day a field rep came out and he was truly great. He diligently went through all sorts of tests and found problems with the line that feeds the house. Replaced the line (increasing the signal strength - getting rid of the "dirtiness" on the line). Tried a new DVR box but that didn't work either so we got the LG TV out of the bedroom, hooked it up and the box worked!

The rep asked to use our internet and searched and found that there are bugs with this combination of Sony Bravia and Motorola DCX3400 and HDMI.

We are back on the old component wiring just so the thing works. With the new "clean" line the picture is much better than the old "dirty" line but it is still not quite as good as HDMI.

Comcast is looking for a solution.

Posted by: Andy at November 9, 2010 9:46 AM
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