April 6, 2010

iTunes 9.1, ePubs and cover art

Well, iTunes does handle ePubs, but it seems sorta b0rked. Here's how.

I took a set of ten or fifteen epubs that I have, all non-DRMed, and dropped them onto iTunes. It imported them without error messages. I have no way to test if they're actually OK because I don't (yet) have an iPad to sync them to. But anyway, to continue.

Two of them have cover art in iTunes. The rest do not. Huh?

If I look at them in Calibre, they all have cover art. Furthermore, something odd - if I go back into iTunes and look at one of the ones whose cover art shows up in the 'Summary' section of Get Info and in the cover view, although the cover shows up in the 'Summary' section there's nothing in the 'Album Artwork' section. I cannot copy or paste the cover in the 'Summary' section (they're greyed out, and I tried).

Going back to the ePubs as it was saved to disk by calibre, I can compare a working ePub and a non-working ePub. They both have cover art in their folders, and both are jpgs. Opening them in preview shows both of them are identically sized; both are using the same (RGB) colorspace. They look identical. But one of them imports when you drop the folder of the ePub on iTunes, and one does not.

If I paste the cover art into the non-working ePub's 'Album Artwork' pane in iTunes, it shows up as having a cover, and that cover shows up in the Album Artwork pane. The one which worked originally still doesn't have anything there.

So if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say there is still something screwy with iTunes' ePub import function; something which screws up some cover art. Great. I don't want to have to go manually re-fix all my cover art on my 200+ books.

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oops, ps, you need to use Calibre to convert the books then add them into itunes.

Posted by: HoodedCrow at May 2, 2010 8:42 PM

The book is one file, the cover another. You have to download the cover then reconvert the book to e-book format. The reason is the cover is part of the e-book file. So, you will be converting an e-book to an e-book. No real work except the cover will get into the file. You can bulk convert them, look for the option. It will take a long time. I have 200 I have to convert.

Posted by: HoodedCrow at May 2, 2010 8:40 PM
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