March 4, 2010

On the hunt

One of my favorite sci-fi novels from my kidhood was a one-off novel by David R. Palmer, titled Emergence. It was a sole-survivor story, a plucky-kid story, and a somewhat shaky superman-hero-fights-evil-empire story. It concerned the adventures of one Candida Smith-Foster, precocious heroine (13 years old, IIRC? Update:Nope, 11) and her voyages across a post-apocalyptic United States. Palmer wrote that book, and one unrelated novel (Threshold) and then disappeared.

However, I have recently discovered that he surfaced briefly in 2008 - to announce that he'd completed a sequel to Emergence, named Tracking. It was apparently serialized in Analog between July and October of 2008.

But that's the only place it exists.

So I guess I need to start hunting Analog back issues...

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