October 28, 2009

Stepped out

My father wrote me a quick email today to give me the sad news that my cat Smudge, who has been with our family 19 years since adopting me while I was in college, has apparently passed away. However, in truly classy Smudge/cat style, she nuzzled him awake Monday, smooched him, and then left the house after him and hasn't been seen since. As she didn't make a habit of wandering in her later years, we conclude (given that she hasn't been seen in several days) that she went away to pass on in private.

Smudge, I love you. Requescat i pacem, and I'll bring kippers when I come to see you.

As an aside: if anyone asks me, I shall tell them that Smudge "has stepped out for a bit." God, what a cat.

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