October 22, 2009

Files disappearing on Desktop on OS X 10.5.8

Ran into an interesting problem. Using OS X 10.5.8, whenever I dropped a file or folder onto the desktop (from a subfolder, or from Entourage, whatever) it would just ...vanish. Not to be found. Checking in a windowed list view, I found that the files were there, they were just apparently being placed on the Desktop at coordinates that were outside my viewable area. I don't know why - I'm not running VNC or desktop sharing, and I don't have another monitor attached (and never do, to this machine) - but there you go. Essentially, the default file location on the desktop was outside the frame, or viewable area.

I eventually 'fixed' the problem by selecting the Finder, clicking the desktop, and then selecting 'View->Show View Options' from the menus. Then I moved the Icon grid spacing slider, released it (and watched the icons move) and then moved it back.

That appears to have 'reset' whatever preference was borked. Now, when I drop stuff on the desktop, it shows up in the next unused slot on the right side, just like it always used to.

Hope that helps some poor soul who is Googling as frantically as I was.

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