September 21, 2009

AT&T misses the point entirely, yet again

AT&T has been working on a femtocell solution for some time now. Details of that offering are beginning to surface. Unfortunately, it looks like AT&T has completely missed the point of this device.

Dear AT&T:

If your network was in fact doing the job you claim and promise it does, there would be no need (repeat: no need at all) for a femtocell. If your cellular network actually reached into the places we need it to reach, and had the carrying capacity you so blithely promise in your advertising, then femtocells would only be necessary in extreme conditions - inside very high-interference structures, for example, where we can't really lay the blame of poor service on your network infrastructure.

The problem, though, is that the entire reason femtocells are necessary is because your network sucks.

So telling us that you're going to charge us $20 a month on top of our current bills for the privilege of utilizing our own bandwidth, power and space to fix the problems in your network isn't going to stop people from complaining and/or switching providers. On the contrary, it's going to make your entire situation worse.

Keep telling yourself this: we're asking our customers, who already pay us, to utilize their own private bandwidth, power, and physical space to improve the performance of our network. We shouldn't also being asking them for money for the privilege.

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