September 13, 2009

(Planned) Obsolescence

Hm. My iPhone bought-the-day-of-release iPhone 2G has started failing to accept touch input along the bottom 2cm of the screen. This is a problem, since it's where the Springboard icons are, as well as 'End Call' and even 'Unlock.'

Perhaps restoring it will help, but I doubt it. Drat. If this this really has gone south, then I have to replace it - it's my only phone...


Okay, this is screwed up. The screen works much lower than the top of the Springboard icons, because I can type in the Search mode on the bottom row (albeit not the Space row). But it won't accept input on the main screen (and this is after a Restore).

Sigh. Looks like I'm gonna be poorer.

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