September 3, 2009

Microsoft Will Out

I'd been all worried. I bought an Xbox360, and for pete's sake, it was nice. It worked. I was singing its praises to my friends. I was beginning to worry about myself.

Then I bought two of the Play & Charge kits. Rechargeable battery packs for the controllers, along with cables to connect them to the console USB to er, both play and charge if the packs run low.

Took 'em home, unpacked them from their murderous fucking blister packaging, plugged 'em in to my controllers and the Xbox, got two green lights on the chargers, left them there overnight as recommended in the insert - 'charge for a long period before first use.'

So today, I pick 'em up. Both lights green. One controller boots the Xbox as normal - but the other does nothing. At all. Even when plugged in. I try unplugging the first controller, and it dies immediately. Second won't sync up even when plugged in.

So I find an entry on the net which states that these things really do suck and a common method of kickstarting a battery pack is to slide the cable juuust into place until you see the green light on the cable. If the light is, in fact, green, you slide it out and rapidly back, not making full contact. If you do this enough times, at some point it will turn *red* which means the thing is charging. Miracle of miracles, that works on the one which boots the box but won't hold charge.

The other? Nothing. I tried switching the battery pack to the other controller. Dead as a doornail. And what's worse - the damn thing won't even operate with that cable attached but no battery inserted. I have no frigging idea.

Brand new, these two are.

So, whew. Microsoft, thank you for fulfilling my expectations, as prejudiced and hideous as they were.

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> If the light is, in fact, green, you slide it out and rapidly back must make sweet cable luuuv to the charger kit in order to get it to work? Wow.

Posted by: Daren at September 3, 2009 8:39 PM
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