August 17, 2009

Bother and other words

I went out of town for two days, and during that time a) I had a vicious gout attack and b) my iMac ate its external hard drive. That drive contained my Time Machine/SuperDuper backups (okay, not terrible, the *original* is still working) and my iTunes music files. FRAK. The iTunes library DB is still sitting on my internal drive, but all the tunes & movies...yeah.

On the plus side, I have also maintained a backup of that volume on a server.

On the minus side, the automagic rsync+ssh never worked right, so I would do it manually when I got around to it. Last time? May 9th, 2009.

On the meh side, I don't think I added more than maybe ten or fifteen tracks to my iTunes library since May 9th.


On the minus side, now I gotta shell out not only for a new external drive, but for the USB<->SATA dock and pair of bare drives I kept *meaning* to buy as my 'backup backup.'

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