August 12, 2009

Shame, degradation, and responsibility

I can't believe this.

Lynndie England is without question a symbol, known internationally, of the worst components of the American character. The absolute best that can be said about her involvement in Iraq is that she was guilty of willful and reckless ignorance - ignorance of ethics, ignorance of the potential damage her actions could do, and ignorance of basic human values.

Worse things that could be said? That she, in writing and promoting this book, is guilty of deliberate profiting on her degradation of others, publicly and indefensibly.

And a Veteran's Association is sponsoring this? At the Library of Congress? For fuck's sake, people, this woman dishonored the uniform you wore or wear. Out of willful ignorance at best, malice aforethought at worst.

So now you're going to help her push her story of victimization.

Get a fucking grip.

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