June 10, 2009

iPhone 3GS

Want. Heh.

Bear in mind I'm still using my original iPhone, so this is a pretty significant upgrade for me. If I'd sprung for a 3G, I probably would be holding out past this, I have to say. In my case, though, Apple will refuse to renew my Applecare on my phone past this month...so it makes sense.

Plus, I got one of those $100 credits from the original iPhone purchase that I never used (because I didn't buy an iPhone 3G!). I tried to use the code at an Apple Store and they said they couldn't take those codes anymore with the simple codes that AT&T SMS-ed them out with. They did helpfully give me an email address at the Mothership where I could send my iPhone serial number, the 6-digit code I had and my AppleID - and sure enough, 36 hours later they sent my back an email with my full store credit info. Good on ya, Apple.

Here's what I'm really worried about. For me, my number one 'app' use of my iPhone is as an ebook reader. I have a library of a couple of hundred sci-fi novels that I keep on my phone in HTML format. In order to do this, I need to jailbreak my iPhone for two reasons:

  1. MobileSafari won't accept file:// URLS without a patch available only through Cydia
  2. The only way to ensure I can have my files accessible when out of network coverage (coughSUBWAYcough) is to use the Jailbroken SSH server to scp the tree of files over to the iPhone's local storage

...so while I initially thought that at least the iDisk access of files on the iPhone might solve problem #2, I realized that nope, that still streams the damn data and needs a network connection. I do *not* understand why Apple thinks users shouldn't ever have a need to use their data while unable to reach the network.

Sigh. Here's hoping the DevTeam comes through like the champs they've been.

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