March 4, 2009

Movie Money Problems

So I was watching the Ocean's movies too many times, and listening to an excellent David Holmes track from the original, and I had had too much coffee at night. Anyway, I wondered - could Ocean's Eleven have managed to schlep $160 million in cash out of the Bellagio?

Well, a U.S. bill is 2.61" x 6.14" x 0.0043". So if you do the math, assuming $100 bills, you end up with around 65 cubic feet of money. Sure, nine guys could totally heft that, assuming those duffel bags held 3-4 cubic feet each.

The problem, though, is that each bill weighs around a gram. That means 10 kg/million (I think? hm, $100 x 10,000, yep, ok). That's 1600kg, and I don't think those guys could have hefted that amount out of the casino in one trip, nope nope.

If we assumed $1,000 bills, that comes down to a much more manageable 160kg, no problem for 9 guys.

The problem is that they don't make $1000 bills anymore. Shucks.

Update: Apparently someone at PageTutor was wondering along much the same lines.

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