January 27, 2009

Choking under the weight

I've been a faithful user of bloglines for quite some time now. But recently I've been feeling it might be time to give in to the mighty Goog and switch to Google Reader. I have around 175 feeds in my blogroll. Bloglines, starting a couple of months ago, started doing noticeably wacky stuff - not linked, AFAICT, with my adding any more feeds, just out of the blue. For example, when I go to the Bloglines page, there's now a 20% chance that it will load everything *but* my feeds and then claim all is peachy (there's just nothing in that part of the left frame). Or I'll click on a category and the page will load perhaps 40% of the elements and then just sit there forever, loading - unless I click the category again, when it will just load. Or (my personal favorite) a random category which I've caught up in will suddenly claim it has N new entries, with N being something like 500 or 838...but when I go to the category, no new entries come up. Finally, the most annoying of all - it's started losing track of my reading, so I'll come to the page, read a couple of dozen entries spread across my categories, reload the page, see that there's nothing new, and leave. An hour later, when I come back, voila, the same categories have the same new items in them again.


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Google Reader sometimes has problems with unread counts being inaccurate too, although nothing as bad as what you've described. Usually counts of 1 message left to read (in a given feed) when there are really 0 left to read. It's a transient problem, though. (Also, something similar happens when a new entry becomes available while you're reading the old one(s); this is, of course, perfectly reasonable.)

At any rate, Google Reader is much nicer overall than Bloglines. I don't think you'll regret switching.

Posted by: Michael Wolf at January 28, 2009 5:04 PM
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