January 5, 2009

Macworld Expo

I am, of course, looking forward to Macworld. Because I'm one of 'those people.' Inveterate Apple gear fanatic. The company? Meh. The gear? Drool.

I dunno what to make of the whole Steve-is-dying-no-he-isn't-he's-just-clever rumorfests. No real opinion. I care more about the gear.

I'm hoping for the new Mac Mini with HD-capable chippies in it. Blu-Ray would be nice, but His Steveness pretty much slapped that one down a while ago, and I don't see how they could fit it in at the Mini's price point (which has already ballooned).

One thing I'm hoping is not true is the rumors of the new 17-inch MacBook Pro - specifically, the part that says it has a non-removable battery. For fuck's sake, Apple, if you're going to advertise the machine as the 'media professional's portable workstation' then why the hell would you cripple it that way? I don't care how sexz0r your new battery tech might be, telling a sound tech or video professional that they can't bring two or three batteries to a location shoot is just...stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I'm hoping this is a stupid rumor and not the truth.

Not that I want a 17 inch. I just hate seeing cool gear get kneecapped.

7-9 inch Touch? Hm. Interesting. I won't care unless I can load some decent terminal software, a word processor, and all the other toys I need in a road machine onto it. If it's just an iPod touch with a 7-inch screen, well...I'll carry my laptop to watch movies. The App store is great for cell phones, which are a bear to load software onto in the first place, but it's too restrictive for me to call whatever uses it a 'computer'. I know, I know, if Apple releases this they'll have some cool new market segment name for it, but for fuck's sake Apple, I want something that will prevent me from having to lug my Macbook Pro to work *every day*. Something I can...oh, all right, I want my MessagePad 2100 back, okay? Just get on that, chop-chop.

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