November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Well, it's a Bond movie. That's what I can say for it. Also, Dame Judi is as awesome as ever. As for the rest of it...damn it, we need to get Q back. Pronto. The only things that come remotely close to being a Bond gadget in this film are the Aston Martin DBS we see only in the opening sequence, which is (as a friend noted leaving the film) "not so much bulletproof as bullet-absorbent" and a Sony-Ericsson cell phone with omniscient capabilities.

But that's it.

Honestly, if we wanted to see someone dealing damage and practicing escape & evade with a completely wooden face, we could just make another Bourne movie. Where's the snark? Where's the moments of trademark humor to lighten the fare? Where's Q? Where, in fact, is anything resembling a plot?

Not here.


And not even a trailer for Watchmen. We had to sit through the fucking awful shilling for both The Day the Earth Stood Still (WHY, GOD?!) and the Tom Cruise vehicle Valkyrie. To say I could care less about either would be a lie. Ah well, the new Star Trek trailer was good ;)

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