November 4, 2008


If you haven't yet, and are a United States citizen, GO VOTE. I don't care who you vote for. Let us all agree on that - no matter who we support, let us agree to encourage everyone to exercise their constitutional right to vote. DO IT.

I planned poorly. I waited until around 9:30 am, figuring to miss the 'pre-work' crowd, only to realize as I reached my polling place that my neighborhood is still heavily populated by retirees. All of whom seemed to have shown up just before me. To make matters worse, each machinewas allocated to a subdistrict, and my subdistrict was my co-op complex (as far as I could tell) - which has an even higher percentage of stay-at-home folks than the neighborhood.

Still, had some good conversations on line. Asked the Democratic Inspector on duty how old the polling machines were, and he said 'well, they were in use when I first voted, and I'm sixty-four, so you figure it out!' I remarked that they were in use for my first election, too, and gave me a comfortable feeling.

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