September 28, 2008

Why One Should Have Friends

Because (in my case) they will lead me to do things that I would never do on my own but enjoy nonetheless. Case in point: I went out for brunch with some of my closest friends - Mom, Dad, and twins - and afterwards they said "hey, let's go to MoMA!"

I said something like "um...sure...I suppose..."

But I learned a couple important things. One, I had to get a membership to MoMA (so I did. Totally reasonable.) Two, it's amazing if you're like me and educated in the arts by osmosis (i.e. being around art-knowledgeable people and books without studying it) how many incredible works are sitting in MoMA. When you go around corners you stop and say "Whoa, wait a minute...even I recognize that..."

Three, watching and listening to kids explain art is more educational than reading about it:

Lianne Explains Mondrian

Four, sitting quietly and contemplating is the absolute best way to go even if it's crowded:

Chapins Contemplative.jpg

And five and finally, MoMA is the only museum of art I know of with a helicopter in it:

MoMA Helo

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