September 23, 2008

The joys of apartment living

Despite the warm temps today, my building decided to test the heating valves by turning on the boilers and having the supers come around to inspect all the heating units in the apartments. As a result, I had to stay home to allow them access, because my bottom lock isn't trustworthy by itself.

The conversation that resulted:

Super: "How do you get to the valve on this radiator?"

Me: "I was hoping you could tell me that. I almost roasted last winter."

Super: "Oh. I guess the lady lived here before you never touched 'em." (pulls out large knife, starts hacking at the years-thick paint on my radiator then wrenches the panel off with a shower of fragments) "Ahh. Yep. Here it is. Looks like it's okay."

Me: "...couldn't you have determined that without shredding the walls?"

Super: "Nope. Tell your landlord it was our doing, and that they shouldn't paint over the radiators."

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