September 1, 2008

Welcome to the world, Elizabeth Caroline. Don't go nowhere.

One of my oldest friends and his wife just called to inform me that I'm an uncle, sorta, again. Their daughter, Elizabeth Caroline, was born at 27 weeks rather than the normal 40, being somewhat impatient to come into the world apparently. They waited until the prognosis was good before notifying friends, so I'm hearing of her birth nine days after the fact.

She weighs one pound, ten ounces. Down from one pound fourteen at birth (normal weight loss, says the hospital).

Very few things in this world ever cause me to start asking the cosmos for favors at whatever ruinous interest rate said cosmos might charge. This is absolutely up there. Universe, please let us see Elizabeth hale and healthy a year from now. She's got top-notch parents. She's got all her bits and apparently went from full oxygen ventilation to just room air force flow in under a day. She's got us all pulling for her.

I believe my friend, her father, when he says they think she's going to stick around with us. He's a doc himself.

But for what my entreaty is worth, I'll add it anyway.

Now I gotta figure out how to order Gund bears online...

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