August 18, 2008

Fuck Microsoft in the Goat Ass.

Why the hell is Microsoft Office the only program I use which has terrible problems with Spaces on OS X? I mean, I know Spaces isn't all that well-designed, but I start Word. Then I use Spaces to move the main Word window to another Space so that it coexists with the Powerpoint window I'm working on and I can flip between the two. Well, problems. Then every time I do anything, the damn Formatting pane and other toolpanes always manifest on some other Space, meaning that the whole screen goes zooming over to some other place entirely. I move the new pane back to the proper space, and ten seconds later, ZOOOP I'm somewhere else because some other damn pane popped up. Honestly, it feels like if you start a MS Office app in a particular space, anything you do involving new windows or showing/hiding panes will zip you back to that original Space, even if you've moved all the windows for the app over to another one.


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