June 13, 2008

Damn subconscious.

In the year I've had my iPhone, I'd dropped it (like, really dropped it a decent distance onto a hard surface) maybe three times. I don't use a case, just keep it in my pocket; I like the phone's sturdy-yet-slim form factor, and cases ruin that. Most also make it harder to get to the phone's controls. Finally, when carrying a bag, I have a phone holster on the strap with a closing cover - and phone cases make the phone too big and/or 'grippy' to slide into the holster properly.

Anyway. My point actually has little to do with that. What's annoying me is that since I wrote my blog post explaining how I'm not going to buy a new iPhone, I've dropped the thing four times.

Subconscious wish-fulfillment is such a bitch. I'm NOT buying a new iPhone, self. Not until there's a 32GB+ storage option. GET IT STRAIGHT.

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