February 20, 2008

Chaz Pazienza says 'Fuck This' and means it

Chaz Pazienza is a name I'd honestly never heard until I read this evening of his experiences being fired from CNN for blogging - and not for blogging anything that had to do with his job. Mr. Pazienza, in a column for the Huffington Post which I linked above, muses that the problem with American television journalism was not that it wasn't dealing well, these past six years, with the party in power - but that it has come to fall entirely down on the job due to timidity, concerns over showing bias, and kowtowing to financial relationships.

I link to this article and urge folks who have been either disquieted by the American press, or outright furious (as I have in many cases) to go read his tale.

Oh, and in so doing: Fuck you, CNN. You need us more than we need you - be it as viewers, philosophical supporters, or even (in some of our cases) as writers with no reason to savage you.

Fuck you.

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