February 15, 2008

Stupid Entourage/Spaces behavior

I have no idea whether to mark this down as a Stupid Entourage Trick or a Stupid Spaces Trick. The problem, when using Entourage and OS X 10.5's 'Spaces' workspace manager, is as follows: I have bound Entourage to a particular workspace, so I can just hop over to it with a keypress when I need it. That's fine. However, I use an outbound mailserver which has an SSL cert that Entourage will not accept, no matter how many times I follow their stupid help tip and try to import the cert into my keychain (it's there. Entourage just won't see it). In any case, what this means is that the first time I send a message through that server during any Entourage session, it pops up an application-modal alert box warning that the cert is bad and requires me to click a 'confirm' button to allow the message through.

That's acceptable.

What's not acceptable is this. If I go to the Entourage Space, write a message and hit 'send' and then immediately (as I'm used to) jump to, say, my Safari space and continue working, I will get a 'bong' a few seconds later as Entourage pops up the dialog. I go back to the Entourage space...and it's not there. I search madly throughout every Space I can find. It turns out that it places the dialog *behind* the Safari window I was working on when it notified me - and bringing Entourage to the front, rather than popping that dialog, instead shifts me to the Entourage workspace, guaranteeing I won't find it. Of course, no Entourage window will respond to focus, since the application is modal and waiting on that (now hidden) dialog. The only way to get Entourage back is to locate the dialog by using Expose on the proper workspace, or by manually shoving around all my windows until I see it, and then dismissing it.


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