January 31, 2008

Having a day.


At 4:10 am this morning, my mother passed away.

This was not a surprise. Nor was she in discomfort or pain, at the end.

With her passing, a large amount of the magic 'not thinking about problem X/Y/Z in my life' shield went away, and stuff started to become uncomfortably relevant again, but, you know, you deal with it.

Then I had to take my sister-in-law and her au pair to the airport a couple hours south. This was voluntary; I needed to get out of the house, and figured I'd run a couple errands in Boston. All good.


Um, yeah. There was this deer, see. 180 lb buck. Had this funny notion about highways.

Luckily, that imprint on the windshield right in front of where my face sits was from the deer's head, not mine. The state trooper's comment: "Those're well-built cars. 'Murican car'll jus' fold up around a deer that big."

Nobody hurt. All OK. Meg and Jenny even made their flight.

Still. Seems my week is going...well...consistently.

I couldn't even take the deer home and roast it. I'm not a Vermont resident. Sigh.

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