December 13, 2007

I Still Wanna Marry Beth Orton Just So I Can Listen To Her Voice

I have always loved the track Where Do I Begin, by the Chemical Brothers off their album Dig Your Own Hole. This is due in near entirety to the heaven that is Beth Orton's vocals on that track, for all that they're one verse repeated in true CB stylee over and over.

Imagine my happiness, though, to find that there are two remixes of the track on the project album Block Rockin' Boots, both by Copycat - "I Always Begin Without You" and "Where Do I Begin (A Copycat Remix)." Both preserve my beloved Beth's vocals. The prior is a mash-up of (obviously) "Where Do I Begin," and U2's "With Or Without You," among others, and the latter is a straight remix.

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