November 5, 2007

Leopard Gripes III - The Disappearing Drive

Leopard seems to have installed with tolerable success on my iMac (i.e. nothing huge broke) so it's time to install it on my MacBook Pro. Okay. Fire up the DVD, reboot into the installer, select 'English,' agree to licensing terms and...

...there are no hard drives in the drive selection window. WTF?

Try running disk utility. It finds my internal drive but not the partition. This freaks me out. I exit Disk Utility without touching anything. The Macbook Pro was running beautifully on Tiger 1 minute prior.

Search the web. Find this thread at Apple's support forums. Wait, let me get this straight - during an OS upgrade/install, one of the more stressful and careful-tippytoe-making times of a computer user's experience, the damn installer just won't bother showing the drive until it's completed a drive check it doesn't tell you about?

What the fuck?

So I did as recommended. I got to the Drive Selection window and I waited.

Ten minutes later, my internal HD popped up in the pane.

That's...just...Apple, that's just fucking stupid. No warning at all that the thing is busily checking the drive integrity? No notice that it knows the drive exists at all? I'm so lucky I didn't panic in Drive Utility and decide to repartition or some such to get the thing to recognize it. (Well, okay, I'm not lucky, I know better, but a lot of users might panic...)


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