November 2, 2007

Leopard Gripes II - a partial retraction

Well, I retract any assertion that Apple had deliberately hosed my Shares behavior. See, I'd tried the 'show connected shares on desktop' pref in the Finder Preferences (which somehow had gotten silently switched to 'off' during the upgrade). Didn't do anything. However, another reader on Macintouch assured me it worked, and an install to another machine showed he was correct. I did a full disk verify and repair on my main machine, then cycled the Finder, and then changed the setting - and there we are.

I hadn't done a full verify/repair during the install, only a perms check - so let that be a lesson to me.

On the other hand, I stand by my kvetching about interfaces. Also, as another friend pointed out to me and I verified, X11 is now limiting X11 windows to the machine's main monitor, which is...annoying.

Time Machine, after spending four hours or so doing its first backup, hung my machine when I came back the next day. It was hung during what looked to be a later backup, because instead of the 1.8MM+ files in the status window, it said something like 31k; however, it wasn't doing anything. It also wouldn't let me do anything related to disk access. Nor would Finder relaunch. On hard-cycling it after letting it sit there for 45 minutes just in case it was stuck on some big file, I found that Time Machine thought that there was no backup on the disk I'd designated - and my main drive was suddenly a Time Machine drive according to its icon and the fact that I had no write perms to it, although Time Machine's prefs showed nothing of the sort. A full reboot 'fixed' that.


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