November 2, 2007

Leopard Gripes I

Wow, this whole Mac OS X 10.5 thing is causing me serious agitas. Major meshugah. Let's see, where to start?

  1. What the fuck, Steverino, is this whole thing about not being able to make aliases of network shares anymore? They now (AFAICT) are only accessible via a Finder window, from a section in the sidebar. The server shows up as one object in the sidebar, and clicking on it brings up a list of shares that it offers. I can apparently no longer choose not to connect to certain of those shares; nor can I move those share folders anywhere else or make aliases of them? What. The. Fuck. Serious dropoff in functionality, smotchkiss. I liked having aliases on my desktop.
  2. Which leads us to the whole base problem. I'm one of those retrograde users that really really like the spatial Finder. You know, the one they killed years ago but are now exorcising from the current finder piece by painful piece. The desktop is slowly becoming a place where I can't determine what lives there - only Steverino and company can. Fuck that. I want share aliases, and I want to not connect to ALL THE AVAILABLE SHARES ON A GODDAMN SERVER by connecting to one, and I want those share aliases on my goddamn desktop.
  3. The new Dock? Ugly as ass. Even when it's on the sides of the screen, where instead of a functionally useful area of the screen it now has been massaged to look just like an iPhone/iPod Touch (dark work area, rounded shiny edges). Ooooooh, how clever, I don't fucking think. And God, let's not even go into what it looks like on the bottom. Thank god Ars Technica came out with the wayback prefs tweak, instanter.
  4. Translucent menu bar? Nope. Fugly.
  5. Finder view prefs. Big, big, big, big fuckup. See Ars Tech/Siracusa for a detailed explanation. Essentially, 'view as' prefs are now fucking GLOBAL, with individual location overrides. But in order to set those, you have to go everywhere. They didn't preserve 'em. And it's being made real clear to me, from the number of times I've opened windows to find they've suddenly gone back to a list display, that my preferred spatial icon mode is no longer cool (assholes). I. Cannot. Fucking. Stand. Browser mode. If I wanted a goddamn file browser, I'd use Windows, or wait for some geek to write a useful one (which Finder really fucking isn't).
  6. Good christ, what a clusterfuck. I haven't even gone into Time Machine, because I haven't figured out how to get it to configure without first enthusiastically wiping all my non-Time Machine backups on the other partitions of the drive I want to use - and I don't want to give up my Tiger image yet, this is too damn scary. Plus, Spotlight is taking forever and a year to reindex everything.
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