October 29, 2007

Entourage 'Unknown Error (170)'

If you're like me and spend a lot of time roadwarrioring outside your corporate Exchange network, as well as spend as much time as possible working on non-MS machines, you might find this cropping up in your Entourage one day when you try to get mail. I don't know what, precisely, 'Unknown Error (170)' means or why MS thinks that's helpful, but I can tell you this: in my case, it meant my domain password had expired, and I hadn't been online on a Windows box (or other piece of software capable of handling the password change) recently enough to get the expiration warning. ,p> Logging in to my corporate VPN using Parallels provided me with a password change dialog, and once that new password was entered into Entourage it became all happy again. I had to quit/restart it after entering the p/w in order to force it to refresh the mailboxes properly, but it did so fine after the restart.

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