October 2, 2007

iPod Unknown Error 1416

Replacing the hard drive in my 4G 40GB iPod (my replacement one was stolen out of my car, and the car connector only works with 4G units, so resurrecting this one was called for) was a snap. I purchased an 'opening kit' from PDASmart along with the drive; for $3 I got four separate miniature screwdrivers and three plastic 'opening tools' - basically very thin-ended wedges. No problems.

When I plugged it into iTunes, it came up fine and asked me to name it, then started eagerly shoveling music onto the little white bugger. I figured I'd like to restore it to factory settings, so I told iTunes to do that. It thought about it for a while, then produced this message: "Unable to restore. Unknown error (1416)." While the iPod seemed to work, every time it booted it flashed the 'support URL' message before continuing with the boot.

Solution: don't use iTunes to restore it. Download and run the 'iPod Updater' and use the 'Restore Factory Settings' option first, then update the firmware as required. That did the trick; Gir is all happy now.

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