August 27, 2007

New Haven beats out Boston in the Race to the Pathetically Stupid

Jessica Mayorga, either you're unbelievably stupid or you're too much of a craven dip to get a better job. Seriously. If you think white powder with arrows and patterns on the ground of a parking lot could conceivably involve terrorism - firmly enough to justify throwing the first responders of U.S. cities on high alert and, worse, when the person who placed said powder there comes forward and explains that it's a pathmarking pattern made of flour firmly enought that you defend charging that person with a felony...then you need a reality check.

Especially if you think a New Haven IKEA is a serious terrorist target of mysterious white circles and arrows on the ground. zOMG they're going to confuse your sheep-like populace! That's the SECRET PLAN!

Seriously, lady. Hint. Get out now if this is the kind of 'spokespersoning' you're being made to do. It's not worth it.

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