August 8, 2007

MacLockPick and professional paranoia

Browsing around, I came across this How To Defend Yourself Against MacLockPick article. It seemed, in its flood of professional paranoia, to have missed a bet. If you're willing to discommode yourself to that degree, why not take a page from the NSA themselves and just disable USB storage on your Mac? That should prevent the USB-loaded tool from intruding in the first place, at least long enough for the intruders to have to figure out what you did and then load the drivers back into place using a CD or wireless - which means they'd have to perform a full single-user re-password of your Mac anyway, or do something that would take even longer, precisely what the MacLockPick is intended to avoid.

I'm not saying I'd do this permanently. But a quick script to swap those kexts out somewhere and reboot, then (if I needed to use USB storage) swap them in? Probably worth it if I was already going to all that trouble.

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