July 23, 2007

Hooray! My iPhone too can stick it to the NSA!

Thanks to the excellent, clear and efficient instructions posted at hacktheiphone.com my iPhone ringtone is now the same as my Treo's was - the excellent Call Connected Thru the NSA dig recorded by They Might Be Giants.

In addition to being slightly more individual, as well as more familiar to me, there are a couple of advantages I've reaped from the use of this hack. One, this ringtone is noticeably louder than the default options on the iPhone (yay). Two, iTunes no longer autosyncs when the phone is plugged in. Although some might consider this a problem, I don't; it makes it less likely I'll screw up by plugging my iPhone into another computer and wiping its contents. In addition, I can change my video sync settings without having it start shoving movies back and forth immediately.

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