July 12, 2007

Ted Postol Opines and I Agree, mostly.

The irrepressible Ted Postol has an op-ed in the Times in which he states that the U.S. should accept Putin/Russia's offer to cooperate on missile defense warning systems vis-a-vis potential Iranian launches. I agree with him. This is probably somewhat due to the fact that he taught and trained me (yes, there is a distinction). I would add that the issues Ted explicitly punts in this Op-Ed are extremely important - namely, whether missile defense can be effective and, by implication, whether it should be done at all. Of course, it's an op-ed, and to get it published it needs to be on point; that's why he punted, but his explanation of such manages to get the fact that those issues are important into the debate nevertheless ("Whatever you do, don't think about an elephant.")

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