June 29, 2007

My TiVo

I've always been extremely ambivalent about upgrading my venerable Sony series 1 TiVo because the newer ones have either lacked features that made them worthy (Series 2) or were ridiculously expensive (Series 3). After the Series 3 price drop, the cost factor became less of an issue; however, TiVo carefully didn't do so until after expiring the Lifetime Subscription transfer period, which made my decision not to get one easier. So long as my original box works, it's just not worth it.

Then I came across this on the internet:

"Grandfather transfer: The one-time "Grandfather transfer" (for people who purchased Product Lifetime on or before January 21, 2000, and who have not already used their one-time transfer) is still allowed and will also be honored for future hardware releases from TiVo, such as the Series3. If you have any trouble when you call, please mention KDB code 09-07-04 to the agent."

The Grandfather Transfer was free, IIRC. Can such things be? Must check. If so, this would force a revision of my entire TiVo buying avoidance strategy.

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