June 25, 2007

Duke Blue Spyder

Just got my Duke Blue Spyder from HisNibs.com (a fine pen buying experience, I might add, purely as a satisfied customer). I like this pen already. It's solid without being too heavy; the cap is quite weighty and posting or not posting can significantly change the pen's balance as you choose. The nib (I got a standard medium) actually writes a deal finer than my Sheaffer Medium. The weight of the pen and the highly curved nib (it curves around the barrel) mean that there is very little vibration of the nib when writing; it's quite difficult to make the pen 'skip' or scratch. The beading on the nib is quite good; while there's no plane to it (so no variation in line width easily noticeable) that's okay. The smoothness of the pen more than makes up for it.

Only had it an hour or so; put in a couple of pages of text with it. My hand still likes it a lot. Only complaint is standard for new pens, made worse by the design of this one; the clip is extremely tight and refuses to 'catch' on a pocket-tee pocket; whatever.

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