April 4, 2007

Overheard in NYC FTW

Best. Overheard. This year.

Scene: Coffee bar in the West Village, NYC. Me: Standing in line for coffee.

Well-coiffed man at booth (WCM): Dude, you have faggro.

Artfully Less-Well-Coiffed Man (LWCM): Ooh! Where?

WCM: It's the boy from marketing. Leather jacket boy. He's by the bar.

LWCM: Oh, man, he's cute. I gotta clean this coffee spill first, tank for me.

WCM: He's not my type.

LWCM: That's why you can tank. I'll be back in a minute. There'll be a seat for him.

WCM: (audibly tolerant) Fi-i-ine. But you have one minute. Then I pop shield wall whether you're back or not.

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