February 15, 2007

Bodies at rest don't quite always stay there

So, and so. It is time to move on. I realized I haven't actually yabbled about this here, but a fairly significant personal change has happened in my (work) life. I've resigned from Novell, effective 3/2. I'll be taking vacation starting this weekend through 3/2, however, and back that day (a Friday) to deal with exit paperwork and the like.

I've been fairly harsh on Novell in the past, and it would not surprise some folks (me included) if this were the opening to a diatribe about something or other couched as a 'reasons I left' post...but, actually, that's not it at all. I was offered four opportunities in one that I couldn't really pass up; the first, to work with and for a long-time and good friend, the second to work for a company I am an angel investor in (albeit several years ago) and hence put my skills where my money is. Third, it involves doing difficult things with Linux, and fourth, it involves (hooray!) moving back to New York City.

I'm not sure when I'll be relocating, since that will involve all manner of logistical puzzlesolving on both my part and my new employer's part. They need to get more or new office space in Manhattan - not for me, per se, but because they currently have something like 200 people in a 150 person space. Since they're in the early phases of that process (either moving or getting new space and splitting the office) I am able to relocate in a somewhat leisurely timeframe.

Of course, this doesn't prevent my having to spend nine days in corporate training in Edison, NJ. Whee!

Seriously, though, it's been a hell of a ride with Ximian and the monkeys. I look forward to darkening their doors, email addresses, public appearances, and general reputations in the years to come.

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Once you get further away I will have far better excuses to come visit you. I think.

Let's grab a beer before you go, though.

Posted by: Aaron at February 20, 2007 3:44 PM

Congrats JB. Sad to see you live Boston but then again we never really got around to ever having that beer. /me think you don't drink.

Being asked impolitely to leave Novell was the best thing that happened to me since working for SilverStream before the company I had loved working at got absorbed and butchered by the mormothership.

Posted by: Erik Dasque at February 17, 2007 8:03 AM
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