February 1, 2007

Boston vs. the Mooninites, Round 3

Wait, wait, wait. I had thought it could not get any worse. That Boston could not look any stupider.

I was wrong.

So apparently there were simulated pipe bombs (as in, actual hoaxes - things designed to look like bombs) found that day. This might, in fact, go a long way towards explaining why law enforcement officials were on such edge during the actual event with the Mooninites.

Except for one important thing. The article, you'll note, indicates that the police have identified a man they believe planted the phony bombs. He, however, has not been charged.

I really, really, REALLY hope that's because they're just making sure they have an airtight case against the guy where, unlike the two gents who were HIRED TO PLACE LIGHT-BRITES, there was no CONTRACTUAL or, say, WEB PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence (or even - gasp - a confession!) that he'd placed the devices. Because if they end up charging those two, and not this guy that actually placed a hoax explosive, man, whatever faith I had in Boston governance goes right down the toilet.

By the way, if you're not planning on charging that guy yet, nice leaking, guys!

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