January 23, 2007

I think it's my Treo 650

I had a Palm Bluetooth headset for my Treo 650 that *never* worked. As in, if it was more than 12 inches from the phone, or on the other side of my head from the phone, it produced torrents of static. I just assumed the BT in the Treo was ass, until I tested my co-worker's identical headset from his 650, and it worked acceptably. Several months later (last week) I purchased a Jabra BT-125 headset at a Cingular store for $40. Charged it up, paired it today, no problem. The problem: It doesn't answer calls. No matter if I 'tap,' 'press' or 'hold', the damn cell phone keeps ringing away. If I tap/press/hold in various random manners when the phone isn't ringing, eventually it will call my voice mail. A single tap will cause the BT icon to invert; a few taps later, it un-inverts, if it hasn't called the voicemail by then.

I have no idea what the hell it's doing. All I can surmise is my initial impression of the Treo; it's both a mediocre Palm and a fairly craptastic phone. Every review on the 'net I can find seems to like the BT-125 and claims not only does it work well with the Treo but does all these neat tricks like reject calls and speed dial and hoo-ha.

Yeah, well, bullshit, not on mine.

I suppose mine is just broken, or some such. Good luck getting that fixed, I guess, since it demonstrably *will* work with a Palm headset. Just not the one *I* paid for.

Fucking thing.

Where's my iPhone? Even if it is on fucking Cingular, I swear to God.

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