January 9, 2007

Steve Jobs, I hate you.

Mostly my wallet does, actually.


Well, let's see. The AppleTV - I don't know. On the one hand, it's exactly what I want to make my TV usable again, given that I mostly download TV show episodes and have ripped my DVDs onto my computer. On the other hand, if it wll only watch H.264 and MPEG-4 format video, that's going to be a problem if the newly-announced SlingCatcher is $100 less and doesn't care what video codec I'm using. We'll see.

The iPhone. Oh dear Darwin. This is what I want, yes, yes, yes. OS X. Yes. Multitouch screen, iPod functions, Wifi, bluetooth, GPS enabled, sensors, YES he said YES! Oh, fuck me, wait, Cingular? *whimper*. If I absolutely have to, but for fuck's sake, drive a stake through me, why don't you, it's easier. I live in Cambridge, MA and those fuckers still can't get a signal into my apartment. I can see the famous Jobsian ego coming up against the Verizon Phone Company arrogance and there never ever being an iPhone that worked with CDMA - and even approving - but that doesn't mean I gotta like it. At least that network works, here.


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