January 5, 2007

Google and the Reality Filter

This is interesting. I just went to Google News and saw a big white area on the page. Investigation showed that my 'World News' section was...blank. I opened the prefs and told it I wanted 9 stories in the World section, refreshed...nothing, still empty. I clicked 'World' on the left hand bar, and got a full-page of the 'World News' feed...and it was blank, empty.

Bemused, I logged out of the current Google account I had logged in in my browser for GMail access.

The World news reappeared.

What the hell?

I have no idea what's going on. My prefs on that user (in Google News) all show that I'm asking for World news to be my first (after the Top) visible section, and that I want 9 stories. The only thing that strikes me is that there's a notice which says 'New! Search History now includes News Items' or some such, implying that my search history might be used to select News of interest or vice versa, and that it's a new feature. I can imagine that a bug in that algorithm might cause a user profile from a GMail account I use for specific purposes (read: Google Analytics and some website registration) to show up as 'completely disinterested in world news.' I suppose.


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