December 24, 2006

CRAP and Windows


My avenue for 'premium content' continues to be 'Purchase hard media (CD, DVD). Stripping DRM if required (DVD) Rip to unprotected digital format. Store.'

My OS of choice continues to be Mac OS X because, despite various bleatings about iTunes (some, in my opinion, deserved and many not) Mac OS X and media players available for it have no problem with me utilizing my preferred avenue, above, on Apple-branded hardware end-to-end. This might change in the future, certainly. But given that I still can't get many default Linux distros to play a bloody video file (or, in some cases, audio) out of the box because people can't get their act together either legally, organizationally, philosophically or just plain technically - and given that using Linux as a primary desktop still feels like swallowing glass compared to using OS X - well, at home, I have a Mac.

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Now that I own a Mac, I know what you mean. Windows worked pretty well too. With regards to Linux video playing, I've had much luck with VLC. It won't play your iTunes DRM'd music, but it'll play nearly anything else in any codec that isn't DRM'd. Oh, and its DVD playback works out of the box.

Posted by: Kevin Breit at December 24, 2006 12:42 PM
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