December 6, 2006

Eyes on the Prize. Remastered.

For all those who have been worrying that Eyes on the Prize would be 'lost to the world' and could only be saved for posterity through making it a poster-child for causes involving copyright: ahem.

I'm sorry to inform you that as of now, your only excuse for continuing such arguments is tantamount to "but I don't want to pay that much for it."

Look at it this way: you're paying it to PBS Home Video. Isn't PBS a worthy cause to support? Oh, and some of it does in fact go to various creditors of the now-paper-only Blackside corporation, this is true. I myself see exactly zero from any of this, just to head off the inevitable repeat rants of 'sellout.'

Think of the following, as well: the Copyright office reaffirmed a prior fair use provision, which was that educational institutions are (and have always been) allowed to make copies of works they have access to in order to preserve their access for educational and archival purposes. In other words, 'it will vanish from history' was, erm, crying wolf.

On a less 'annoyed and bitter' note (sorry) educators may be pleased to note that the newly-packaged series (it's been reissued on VHS as well) is available with teacher's supplemental materials.

I hope you find this news as encouraging as I do. If you do, please please please write PBS and thank them specifically for rebroadcasting Eyes I; this will increase the chances that they decide to undertake the same process for Eyes on the Prize II.

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