November 9, 2006

zOMG wtf zune?!?!?

So...I'm all confused now. Up to this point, every crackaddled 'feature' or deconvenience of the Zune that I heard about I could explain to myself by putting on a sufficiently 'stereotypical + hyperbolic Microsoft hat'. DRM that wraps your own content in crap? Sure, we need it to get content providers on board. WiFi that will only connect to other Zunes? Um, yeah, we don't want to provide an avenue to get content off the Zune device. Arbitrary 'MS Points' pricing that's sort of deceptive ('79 MS points per track' = 99 cents, but you can only buy them in minimum $5.00 blocks, leaving a $0.05 'bonus' for MS until you buy your 101st song with the rounding cents)? Sure!

Then I read about some of the old stuff again, and in this one...wait, you're telling me I'm to carry around a 30GB storage device that's heavier and larger than an iPod but I can't use it as a hard drive?

Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot.

Nope. Can't figure that one.

Closest I can get? Either "It's more secure in corporate environments!" - Bullshit, USB keys are smaller, much cheaper, disposable and easily hidden. Or maybe "If people can't mount the device, they can't hack the filesystem and hence hack the device like some of the iPod hacks." Er, but *your* software has to talk to it, so *other* software will be able to eventually. Count on it. So why yank perfectly useful functionality that already exists by nature of its physical factor?

Nope. No clue.

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I own a xbox 360 and in order to add music to it I needed Zune software for some weak ass reason.... but the POS software wont even launch and does not give an explanation... I tried everything and it still wont launch.. and why the fuc% should I need Zune software to transport some media??? lame ass microsoft fails again.... what a bunch of turds...

Posted by: klint at January 30, 2007 3:54 AM
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