October 11, 2006

Patrick Buchanan, Misdirection and Outright Bullshit.

So Mr. Buchanan has produced the latest limp-dick attempt to vilify the Democrats for the Foley situation. In an opinion piece posted on the website of the Miami Herald, he spends the column admitting that there are all manner of problems of credibility with the GOP's statements and actions. But - but! - he tells us, the Democrats are really hypocrites, because they after all lowered the age of consent in D.C. to 16! So even if Foley had sex with these pages, it would be perfectly legal due to Democratic actions! Also (Buchanan continues) the media outed the gay GOP staffers, and suddenly they were fired! He concludes:
But to have the party of gay rights, many of whose leaders have marched in gay-pride parades alongside the pedophiles of NAMBLA, acting ''shocked, shocked'' at GOP torpor in ousting its gay member is, to put it mildly, unconvincing.

Welcome to 'the big lie.' Or better, 'the big WHOA!' as in "well, yes, but - WHOA! Look over there!" Let's take this paragraph one step at a time and see how many bits of bullshit labeling and misdirection we can find, shall we?

  • " The party of gay rights." Hm. Well, while some Democrats may stand for gay rights, many don't, and it's certainly not a central theme of the party. Of course, if you're trying to remind homophobes why not voting GOP means voting for gays, then of course it is.
  • "many of whose leaders have marched in gay-pride parades alongside the pedophiles of NAMBLA..." Ahhh, we love this one. Names please? Pictures? Were these parades closed access and by invite-only? What were the circumstances? By 'alongside' do you mean 'holding hands' or mean 'in the same parade as' which, in (for example) the New York City Pride parade can take in an incredible amount of real estate and political spectrum? Here's the problem Democrats have: many of them have this notion that unless someone has been caught doing something illegal, you can't deprive them of rights. While it may be one thing to deplore NAMBLA's existence and mission, it's another thing to avoid a Pride event because they show up exercising a constitutional right to assembly.
  • "...at GOP torpor in ousting its gay member..." BZZZZT. Nope, wrong. Not at GOP torpor in ousting its gay member. That's *your* fantasy, Mr. Buchanan, thank you for projecting. No, at GOP reluctance to act to shield young adults who were sent to Washington in good faith and placed under their protection from the grooming and predation of one of their own. Again, Mr. Buchanan fixates on the same thing that is killing Hastert and company - the status of the GOP involved and not the status of the kids. As he puts it, they're over the legal age of consent (which is the Dem's fault) so who cares?

Fucking disgusting.

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