September 12, 2006

Question everything

It's a terrible sign when things like this make you sit back and wonder. I have to say I find just as many problems with this narrative as with the 'official' one - but that alone makes me sad. It drives home the fact that I don't believe what I've been told, and haven't since the event. This may make me 'fringe' and it may make me 'partisan' and it may make me whatever people want to label me. The problem is that in order to accept the tale as it has been told, I have to discard logic in too many places.

I still don't believe in tight, overarching conspiracies of evil. I have a much easier time accepting venality in opportunism and mistaken good intentions. But the thing that really roils my gut is not what I think did happen but the sheer fury of the certainty that I don't know what did. Given the import of the events, and given what they have been used to justify, that's unacceptable.

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