September 11, 2006

Jason Fortuny? THE Jason Fortuny?

So this dipshit who 'pranked' a bunch of people on Craigslist by posting an explicit sex ad and then publicly posting all the responses (including contact information) has, apparently, been quietly removing his own published contact information from the Net. Bad form, Jason! Very bad form. However, Andy Baio at points out that the Internet Archive version of his homepage and resume survives intact, naturally. I'd feel guilty about posting his personal information to the internet, except, um, wait...I didn't! He did! Whoops. Let's all post links there and up the Googlerank of the archive version.

On another note, I was tickled to look at the 'content' of the resume of this 'network administrator' that everyone's been talking about. I was so impressed that he can 'learn new technology in hours rather than weeks like other technical people!' Still, it left me wondering - if he's a modern network administrator who can learn new tech in hours, how is it he never seems to have heard of Linux, Unix, the Macintosh, or any of the software or standards that run networks? Oh, wait - 'Ethernet, routers, T-1 lines.' Okay. Somewhere beneath 'IDE, SCSI, DAT drives.'

Ah, silly me, I missed the header. "Graphic artist + network administrator." Well, that should tell me what his priorities are.

Although come to think if it, I know several graphic artists who appear to know a hell of a lot more about networks than he does. I do hope his graphic design skills are better than his network administration skill set, at least judging from its apparent scope. Posted by jbz at September 11, 2006 9:30 AM | TrackBack


Oh my, you are really missing the point. What a hater. Hacking apart his resume. Everyone embelishes in a resume. We all dork in different ways. You must be an extreme n00b to talk this way.

Posted by: at September 13, 2006 1:50 PM

"pranked". quoted because why...? I'd say that's a prank in my book.

Posted by: l at September 12, 2006 10:34 PM
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