August 29, 2006

Dissonance Within a Plea

Mickey Edwards warns Americans and their Congressional representatives that the failure of Congress to hold up its leg of the United States Federal Government as a co-equal branch is dangerous. He tells us that partisanship is a danger. And then he confuses the living hell out of me by disingenuously claiming that the reason Joe Lieberman was tossed from the Democratic ticket was because he was seen as 'not a team player' for 'finding common ground' with Republicans.

No, Mickey.

Joe Lieberman was tossed from the Democratic ticket for consistently tossing out the ideals the Democratic party holds forth as its own, and most notably for finding common ground with the Republican party on precisely those actions which you lambaste earlier in your piece as 'rubberstamping' and 'mumbling' at the disgusting actions of the Bush Administration.

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